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Tax Suitability
Know the tax rules of Your Customer

Fundamental pillar of the Cross-border strategy of BRP Group, tax suitability mitigates the commercial risk.

Our country-specific tax investments manuals, created especially for Asset Managers and Private Bankers, are becoming industry standards.

BRP Tax covers more than 80 countries and increases the country coverage to answer client needs, on demand and without additional costs.

We recently developed the Private Equity Manual (PEM) for specific jurisdictions and will extent it to our global proposal.

Thanks to our digital partner Indigita, we now digitize our tax suitability manuals in order to integrate tax guidance into your investment solutions.

Adopt the digital transformation !

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Tax Compliance
Standardize your regulatory requirements

Tax compliance represents a regulatory requirement for Financial Insititutions.

The Monitoring of Task Risks (MTR) represents the Tax Compliance Cockpit that assists the bank in resolving the legal risks connected to Predicate Tax Offense to Money Laundering (Art. 305bis CH CC),Tax Transparency Rules (CFC rules, CRS-AEOI, QI-FATCA, MDR-DAC 6), Evidences of Tax Compliance and Voluntary Disclosure Programs.

These key integrated modules satisfy many requirements of our proposals of Tax Compliance Policy Model for banks and Tax Compliance Review Method.

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Training, Assistance
and Review

Engage our expertise

Tax country manuals support
We offer online support to the tax investment manuals and provide dedicated assistance in tax related issue on demand. We regularly inform our clients on tax news via our Tax Alerts.

We focus our proposal on hands-on training courses on taxation of financial instruments, one course per tax jurisdiction covered, but also on specific courses on tax transparency rules such as CRS-AEOI. Some courses are delivered in cooperation with AZEK, the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals.

Assistance & Review
Based on our practical methodology, we offer assistance, analysis, check-lists, review, waivers, policy, health-check in area of tax compliance and tax suitability in order to effectively address your needs with cost-efficient tailor-made solutions.

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Tax Investment Manuals (TIM)

Our tax investment manuals are written with the assistance of local specialized lawyers and are addressed to Private Bankers and Asset Managers. The aim is to take into account the tax impact of investments within the framework of a management (or advisory) mandate.

These includes useful information such as taxation of a financial product according to Classification of Financial Instruments, specific tax regime, transparency rules for entities, Lombard loans, currency control etc..

The crucial objective is to consider the performance after tax and to obtain a competitive advantage. We also provide training on the taxation of financial instruments for a specific country.

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Fees Matrix

The purpose of this fees matrix is to inform on the tax deductibility of fees and expenses charged by a foreign bank to private clients.

The deductibility treatment of fees and expenses refers to personal income tax on financial assets in custody of foreign banks (outside country of residence of the ultimate tax payer). The prerequisite is that the private client is tax compliant with disclosure/declaration of all assets when required.

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BRP Tax is a subsidiary company of BRP SA, created to help our clients (private banks and wealth managers) meet the new challenges in the field of taxation. BRP Tax provides solutions to private banks and asset managers, to help them meet the new challenges of taxation.

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