About us

BRP Tax is a subsidiary company of BRP SA, created to consult the financial industry (private banks and wealth managers) to meet the new challenges in the field of taxation. Our activities are tax manuals, training, checklists and consulting services related to taxation in the private banking sector.

We use a 360-degrees, trans-disciplinary approach that combines legal/tax, compliance, portfolio management, banking operations and IT expertise, in order to produce reference manuals for private banks that are truly applicable to the workplace. Local specialists from the BRP network provide ongoing support in the process of creating related country manuals and rule sets for Banks.

BRP Tax has now acquired more than 80 references in the financial industry and we are on our way to becoming a recognized international player in our niche. This success is a reflection of the trust and support from our clients.

Meet the team

Romain Potet

Romain Potet

Romain is a Swiss certified tax expert. He holds a master's degree in engineering with a postgraduate MBA.

Over the last decade, he experienced multiple positions in the banking industry with a successful client-oriented approach. He developed hard tax-based skills in a changing cross-border environment by implementing practical solutions to major tax-related issues that arised within the Private Banking sector. If international tax suitability and new tax transparency regulations are the key challenges of his activities, the digital transformation of the tax function has become a new playing field.

Romain has been appointed CEO of BRP Tax since 1st of January 2019.

Jean-Marc Favre

Jean-Marc Favre

Jean-Marc is a Swiss Chartered Public Accountant, holding a degree of the Faculty of Business and Economics of Lausanne (HEC).

He has over 30 years of experience in Financial audit and a first-hand experience with operational and technical issues connected with taxation. He worked first in a big four, then with financial institutions in Switzerland.

He joined BRP Tax in 2018 as Tax Compliance Specialist.

Caroline Dessimoz

Caroline is a Swiss lawyer holding the LLM-Tax degree of Geneva University.

She joined BRP TAX as of 1st of March 2019 and recently follows the Swiss Tax Expertise Diploma.

Florence Savignat

Florence Savignat is an attorney at law, Florence Savignat holds a Degree in economical and political sciences as well as a Law degree from the University of Fribourg. She was also visiting researcher at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Her dual training allows her to have a very good comprehension of the economical aspects of taxation.

Since 1997, she has been active in the fields of tax and inheritance law and has an experience of both Cantonal and Federal Tax Administration. She also worked for a notary’s office.

Florence Savignat joined BRP Tax in 2015.

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